Project: Classification of Hyperspectral Images

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Carlos Theran, su21-reu-360, Edit

Keywords: tensorflow, example.

1. Introduction

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2. Report Format

The report is written in (hugo) markdown and not commonmark. As such some features are not visible in GitHub. You can set up hugo on your local computer if you want to see how it renders or commit and wait 10 minutes once your report is bound into cybertraining.

To set up the report, you must first replace the word hid-example in this example report with your hid. the hid will look something like sp21-599-111`

It is to be noted that markdown works best if you include an empty line before and after each context change. Thus the following is wrong:

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Instead, this should be

# This is My Headline

We do not ignore proper markdown while using empty lines between context changes

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2.1. GitHub Actions

When going to GitHub Actions you will see a report is autmatically generated with some help on improving your markdown. We will not review any document that does not pass this check.

2.2. PAst Copy from Word or other Editors is a Disaster!

We recommend that you sue a proper that is integrated with GitHub or you use the commandline tools. We may include comments into your document that you will have to fix, If you juys past copy you will

  1. Not learn how to use GitHub properly and we deduct points
  2. Overwrite our coments that you than may miss and may result in point deductions as you have not addressed them.

2.3. Report or Project

You have two choices for the final project.

  1. Project, That is a final report that includes code.
  2. Report, that is a final project without code.

YOu will be including the type of the project as a prefix to your title, as well as in the Type tag at the beginning of your project.

3. Using Images

Figure 1

Figure 1: Images can be included in the report, but if they are copied you must cite them 1.

4. Using itemized lists only where needed

Remember this is not a powerpoint presentation, but a report so we recommend

  1. Use itemized or enumeration lists sparingly
  2. When using bulleted lists use * and not -

5. Datasets

Datasets can be huge and GitHub has limited space. Only very small datasets should be stored in GitHub. However, if the data is publicly available you program must contain a download function instead that you customize. Write it using pythons request. You will get point deductions if you check-in data sets that are large and do not use the download function.

6. Benchmark

Your project must include a benchmark. The easiest is to use cloudmesh-common 2

6. Conclusion

A convincing but not fake conclusion should summarize what the conclusion of the project is.

8. Acknowledgments

Please add acknowledgments to all that contributed or helped on this project.

9. References

Your report must include at least 6 references. Please use customary academic citation and not just URLs. As we will at one point automatically change the references from superscript to square brackets it is best to introduce a space before the first square bracket.

  1. Use of energy explained - Energy use in homes, [Online resource] ↩︎

  2. Gregor von Laszewski, Cloudmesh StopWatch and Benchmark from the Cloudmesh Common Library, [GitHub] ↩︎