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Learning Objectives

  • Introduction to the cloudmesh API
  • Using cmd5 via cms
  • Introduction to cloudmesh convenience API for output, dotdict, shell, stopwatch, benchmark management
  • Creating your own cms commands
  • Cloudmesh configuration file
  • Cloudmesh inventory

In this chapter, we like to introduce you to cloudmesh which provides you with a number of convenient methods to interface with the local system, but also with cloud services. We will start while focussing on some simple APIs and then gradually introduce the cloudmesh shell which not only provides a shell but also a command line interface so you can use cloudmesh from a terminal. This dual ability is quite useful as we can write cloudmesh scripts, but can also invoke the functionality from the terminal. This is quite an important distinction from other tools that only allow command line interfaces.

Moreover, we also show you that it is easy to create new commands and add them dynamically to the cloudmesh shell via simple pip installs.

Cloudmesh is an evolving project and you have the opportunity to improve if you see some features missing.

The manual of cloudmesh can be found at

The API documentation is located at

We will initially focus on a subset of this functionality.

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