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Python provides a sophisticated method for starting background processes. However, in many cases, it is quite complex to interact with it. It also does not provide convenient wrappers that we can use to start them in a pythonic fashion. For this reason, we have written a primitive Shell class that provides just enough functionality to be useful in many cases.

Let us review some examples where result is set to the output of the command being executed.

from cloudmesh.common.Shell import Shell

result = Shell.execute('pwd')

result = Shell.execute('ls', ["-l", "-a"])

result = Shell.execute('ls', "-l -a")

For many common commands, we provide built-in functions. For example:

result ="-aux")

result ="-a", "-u", "-x")

result = Shell.pwd()

The list includes (naturally the commands that must be available on your OS. If the shell command is not available on your OS, please help us improving the code to either provide functions that work on your OS or develop with us platform-independent functionality of a subset of the functionality for the shell command that we may benefit from.

  • VBoxManage(cls, *args)
  • bash(cls, *args)
  • blockdiag(cls, *args)
  • brew(cls, *args)
  • cat(cls, *args)
  • check_output(cls, *args, **kwargs)
  • check_python(cls)
  • cm(cls, *args)
  • cms(cls, *args)
  • command_exists(cls, name)
  • dialog(cls, *args)
  • edit(filename)
  • execute(cls,*args)
  • fgrep(cls, *args)
  • find_cygwin_executables(cls)
  • find_lines_with(cls, lines, what)
  • get_python(cls)
  • git(cls, *args)
  • grep(cls, *args)
  • head(cls, *args)
  • install(cls, name)
  • install(cls, name)
  • keystone(cls, *args)
  • kill(cls, *args)
  • live(cls, command, cwd=None)
  • ls(cls, *args)
  • mkdir(cls, directory)
  • mongod(cls, *args)
  • nosetests(cls, *args)
  • nova(cls, *args)
  • operating_system(cls)
  • pandoc(cls, *args)
  • ping(cls, host=None, count=1)
  • pip(cls, *args)
  • ps(cls, *args)
  • pwd(cls, *args)
  • rackdiag(cls, *args)
  • remove_line_with(cls, lines, what)
  • rm(cls, *args)
  • rsync(cls, *args)
  • scp(cls, *args)
  • sh(cls, *args)
  • sort(cls, *args)
  • ssh(cls, *args)
  • sudo(cls, *args)
  • tail(cls, *args)
  • terminal(cls, command='pwd')
  • terminal_type(cls)
  • unzip(cls, source_filename, dest_dir)
  • vagrant(cls, *args)
  • version(cls, name)
  • which(cls, command)

For more features, please see Shell

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