Mobility (Industry)

This section discusses the mobility in Industry


  1. Industry being transformed by a) Autonomy (AI) and b) Electric power
  2. Established Organizations can’t change
    • General Motors (employees: 225,000 in 2016 to around 180,000 in 2018) finds it hard to compete with Tesla (42000 employees)
    • Market value GM was half the market value of Tesla at the start of 2020 but is now just 11% October 2020
    • GM purchased Cruise to compete
    • Funding and then buying startups is an important “transformation” strategy
  3. Autonomy needs Sensors Computers Algorithms and Software
    • Also experience (training data)
    • Algorithms main bottleneck; others will automatically improve although lots of interesting work in new sensors, computers and software
    • Over the last 3 years, electrical power has gone from interesting to “bound to happen”; Tesla’s happy customers probably contribute to this
    • Batteries and Charging stations needed

Summary Slides

Full Slide Deck

Mobility Industry A: Introduction

  • Futures of Automobile Industry, Mobility, and Ride-Hailing
  • Self-cleaning cars
  • Medical Transportation
  • Society of Automotive Engineers, Levels 0-5
  • Gartner’s conservative View

Mobility Industry B: Self Driving AI

  • Image processing and Deep Learning
  • Examples of Self Driving cars
  • Road construction Industry
  • Role of Simulated data
  • Role of AI in autonomy
  • Fleet cars
  • 3 Leaders: Waymo, Cruise, NVIDIA

Mobility Industry C: General Motors View

  • Talk by Dave Brooks at GM, “AI for Automotive Engineering”
  • Zero crashes, zero emission, zero congestion
  • GM moving to electric autonomous vehicles

Mobility Industry D: Self Driving Snippets

  • Worries about and data on its Progress
  • Tesla’s specialized self-driving chip
  • Some tasks that are hard for AI
  • Scooters and Bikes

Mobility Industry E: Electrical Power

  • Rise in use of electrical power
  • Special opportunities in e-Trucks and time scale
  • Future of Trucks
  • Tesla market value
  • Drones and Robot deliveries; role of 5G
  • Robots in Logistics
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