You will have the opportunity to learn more about OpenStack. OpenStack is a Cloud toolkit allowing you to do Bare metal and virtual machine provisioning. Show your user how to work through some end to end examples.

OpenStack is usable via command line tools and REST APIs. YOu will be able to experiment with it on Chameleon Cloud.

OpenStack with Chameleon Cloud

We have put together from the chameleon cloud manual a subset of information that is useful for using OpenStack. This focusses mostly on Virtual machine provisioning. The reason we put our own documentation here is to promote more secure utilization of Chameleon Cloud.

Additional material on how to uniformly access OpenStack via a multicloud command line tool is available at:

We highly recommend you use the multicloud environment as it will allow you also to access AWS, Azure, Google, and other clouds from the same command line interface.

The Chameleon Cloud document is availanle as online book in ePub and PDF from the following Web Page:

The book is available in ePub and PDF.

For ePub, we recommend using iBooks on MacOS and calibre on all other systems.

Topics covered include:

  • Using Chameleoncloud more securely
  • Resources
  • Hardware
  • Charging
  • Getting STarted
  • Virtual Machines
  • Commandline Interface
  • Horizon
  • Heat
  • Bare metal
  • FAQ

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