Here you will find a number of modules and components for introducing you to big data applications.

Big Data Applications are an important topic that have impact in academia and industry.

Introduction to AI-Driven Digital Transformation

The Full Introductory Lecture with introduction to and Motivation for Big Data Applications and Analytics Class

BDAA Fall 2020 Course Lectures and Organization

Updated On an ongoing Basis

Big Data Use Cases Survey

4 Lectures on Big Data Use Cases Survey


Week 4: Big Data applications and Physics

Introduction to AI in Health and Medicine

This section discusses the health and medicine sector

Mobility (Industry)

This section discusses the mobility in Industry


Week 5: Big Data and Sports.

Space and Energy

This section discusses the space and energy.

AI In Banking

This section discusses AI in Banking

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Transportation Systems

This section discusses the transportation systems


This section discusses Commerce

Python Warm Up

Python Exercise on Google Colab

MNIST Classification on Google Colab

MNIST Classification on Google Colab

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