This section discusses Commerce



AI in Commerce A: The Old way of doing things

  1. AI in Commerce
  2. AI-First Engineering, Deep Learning
  3. E-commerce and the transformation of “Bricks and Mortar”

AI in Commerce B: AI in Retail

  1. Personalization
  2. Search
  3. Image Processing to Speed up Shopping
  4. Walmart

AI in Commerce C: The Revolution that is Amazon

  1. Retail Revolution
  2. Saves Time, Effort and Novelity with Modernized Retail
  3. Looking ahead of Retail evolution

AI in Commerce D: DLMalls e-commerce

  1. Amazon sellers
  2. Rise of Shopify
  3. Selling Products on Amazon

AI in Commerce E: Recommender Engines, Digital media

  1. Spotify recommender engines
  2. Collaborative Filtering
  3. Audio Modelling
  4. DNN for Recommender engines
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