Module Sample

In this section you will be using a short description that is displayed in the module summary page

Here comes the more complete abstract about this module, while the description is a short summary, the abstract is a bit more verbose.

Splash: An optional module related image may be nice to start the image may be nice to create a splash the learners find attractive.

1. Overview

1.1. Prerequisite

Describe what knowlede needs to be here to start the module. Use a list and be specific as much as possible:

  • Computer with Python 3.8.3

1.2. Effort

If possible describe here how much effort it takes to complete the module. Use a list

  • 1 hour

1.3. Topics

Please list here the topics that are covered by the module A list is often the prefered way to do that. Use the abstract/pageinfo to provide a more textual description.

1.4. Organization

Please decribe how the Module is organized, if needed

2. Section A

Include Section A here

3. Section B

Include Unit 2 here

4. Assignments

Include the assignments here. Use a numbered list.

5. References

Put the refernces here

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