AI In Banking

This section discusses AI in Banking


In this lecture, AI in Banking is discussed. Here we focus on the transition of legacy banks towards AI based banking, real world examples of AI in Banking, banking systems and banking as a service.


AI in Banking A: The Transition of legacy Banks

  1. Types of AI that is used
  2. Closing of physical branches
  3. Making the transition
  4. Growth in Fintech as legacy bank services decline

AI in Banking B: FinTech

  1. Fintech examples and investment
  2. Broad areas of finance/banking where Fintech operating

AI in Banking C: Neobanks

  1. Types and Examples of neobanks
  2. Customer uptake by world region
  3. Neobanking in Small and Medium Business segment
  4. Neobanking in real estate, mortgages
  5. South American Examples

AI in Banking D: The System

  1. The Front, Middle, Back Office
  2. Front Office: Chatbots
  3. Robo-advisors
  4. Middle Office: Fraud, Money laundering
  5. Fintech
  6. Payment Gateways (Back Office)
  7. Banking as a Service

AI in Banking E: Examples

  1. Credit cards
  2. The stock trading ecosystem
  3. Robots counting coins
  4. AI in Insurance: Chatbots, Customer Support
  5. Banking itself
  6. Handwriting recognition
  7. Detect leaks for insurance

AI in Banking F: As a Service

  1. Banking Services Stack
  2. Business Model
  3. Several Examples
  4. Metrics compared among examples
  5. Breadth, Depth, Reputation, Speed to Market, Scalability
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