Installing Git Bash on Windows 10

Installung Git.


This tutorial teaches how to install Git and Git Bash.


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Click the following image to be redirected to a YouTube video tutorial for installing Git and Git Bash. This same video also includes instructions to create a virtual Python environment, which you can do as well.

To verify whether you have Git, you can press Win + R on your desktop, type cmd, and press Enter. Then type git clone and press Enter. If you do not have Git installed, it will say 'git' is not recognized as an internal or external command...

As long as Git does not change up their website and hyperlinks, you should be able to download Git from here and skip to step 2:

  1. Open a web browser and search git. Look for the result that is from and click Downloads.

  2. Click Download for Windows. The download will commence. Please open the file once it is finished downloading.

  3. The UAC Prompt will appear. Click Yes because Git is a safe program. It will show you Git’s license: a GNU General Public License. Click Next.

    1. The GNU General Public License means that the program is open-source (free of charge).
  4. Click Next to confirm that C:\Program Files\Git is the directory where you want Git to be installed.

  5. Click Next unless you would like an icon for Git on the desktop (in which case you can check the box and then click Next).

  6. You will be asked several questions for the setup. We recommend the following settings:

    • Click Next to accept the text editor,
    • Click Next again to Let Git decide the default branch name
    • Click Next again to run Git from the command line and 3rd party software,
    • Click Next again to use the OpenSSL library
    • Click Next again to checkout Windows-style,
    • Click Next again to use MinTTY,
    • Click Next again to use the default git pull,
    • Click Next again to use the Git Credential Manager Core,
    • Click Next again to enable file system caching, and then
    • Click Install because we do not need experimental features.
  7. The progress bar should not take too long to finish. To test if it is installed, you can search for Git Bash in the Windows search now to run it.

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