Space and Energy

This section discusses the space and energy.


  1. Energy sources and AI for powering Grids.
  2. Energy Solution from Bill Gates
  3. Space and AI

Full Slide Deck

A: Energy

  • Distributed Energy Resources as a grid of renewables with a hierarchical set of Local Distribution Areas
  • Electric Vehicles in Grid
  • Economics of microgrids
  • Investment into Clean Energy
  • Batteries
  • Fusion and Deep Learning for plasma stability
  • AI for Power Grid, Virtual Power Plant, Power Consumption Monitoring, Electricity Trading


B: Clean Energy startups from Bill Gates

  • 26 Startups in areas like long-duration storage, nuclear energy, carbon capture, batteries, fusion, and hydropower …
  • The slide deck gives links to 26 companies from their website and pitchbook which describes their startup status (#employees, funding)
  • It summarizes their products


C: Space

  • Space supports AI with communications, image data and global navigation
  • AI Supports space in AI-controlled remote manufacturing, imaging control, system control, dynamic spectrum use
  • Privatization of Space - SpaceX, Investment
  • 57,000 satellites through 2029


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