Google Colab

A gentle introduction to Google Colab for Programming

In this section we are going to introduce you, how to use Google Colab to run deep learning models.

1. Updates

  1. Another Python notebook demonstrating StopWatch and Benchmark is available at:

  2. The line ! pip install cloudmesh-installer is not needed, but is used in the video.

2. Introduction to Google Colab

This video contains the introduction to Google Colab. In this section we will be learning how to start a Google Colab project.

3. Programming in Google Colab

In this video we will learn how to create a simple, Colab Notebook.

Required Installations

pip install numpy

4. Benchmarking in Google Colab with Cloudmesh

In this video we learn how to do a basic benchmark with Cloudmesh tools. Cloudmesh StopWatch will be used in this tutorial.

Required Installations

pip install numpy
pip install cloudmesh-common

Correction: The video shows to also pip install cloudmesh-installer. This is not necessary for this example.

5. Refernces

  1. Benchmark Colab Notebook.
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